Rexroth’s Open Core Engineering

Open core engineering allows engineers to use more familiar computer languages like C++ to work with industrial machinery. This creates greater flexibility for designing user interfaces. It increases productivity by allowing people to use their current skills and knowledge and makes communication among different machines much easier. It makes it easier to allow people to use a range of devices to interface with machinery.

What’s not to like?

Actually, some programmers will object. Purists may feel that the extra processing layer involved is, by definition, less perfect than bespoke code. Some may feel that learning new languages is a fundamental skill for any programmer, and tools that allow avoidance of this step are just pandering to an imperfect educational system.

These are abstractions, though.

In the real world, writing a PLC interface between two systems for a test is added time on a project that can be avoided by using Open Core. Added time equals added cost. And being able to use a kiosk on the floor because the Open Core Interface facilitates communication between industrial machinery and smart devices matters more than the theoretical perfection of the code.

But sometimes people just don’t like change. If you’ve made the effort to become an expert programmer in Indralogic or some other specialized system, you might feel that a switch to Open Core lessens your value.

Open Core Engineering has real world advantages. Rexroth has a long history of creating real world advantages. We specialize in Rexroth electric industrial motion control, and we can help with your support needs for your Rexroth systems.

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