Rexroth’s Reputation

Rexroth motion control has been the gold standard for well over a century. Rexroth’s technology powers world-class projects like the Panama Canal and the Eiffel Tower. Naturally, Rexroth has a sterling reputation.

That doesn’t mean you won’t hear grumbling on the factory floor.

In fact, when the talk turns to Rexroth legacy machinery, you can hear a lot of grumbling. “Amazing performance,” people say, shaking their heads. “I hate that stuff.”

There’s a very simple reason for the hatred of Rexroth equipment. It doesn’t break down often enough to keep the engineers in practice. In fact, we often get calls about equipment that was installed twenty or thirty years ago. You may not have anyone in the plant who remembers the day when your EcoDrive or MDK motor was installed. You might not have anyone on the floor who was born when that puppy was installed.

Naturally, your team will not get enough practice to be able to troubleshoot these devices with confidence. They won’t know where to find the manual. They won’t know who to call.

Let’s make this easy. Call us. We are Rexroth industrial motion control specialists, from the oldest legacy parts to the newest most cutting edge modules.

Want to look at a manual first? Send us a manual request.

As for troubleshooting, the manual will help with that. We can help, too. Often we can diagnost your problem over the phone by listening to the sound of your distressed component. Bear in mind that Rexroth components are not designed to be repaired on the machine. They’re designed to be removed quickly and easily, and replaced just as quickly and easily with a new part. We have the largest inventory of emergency replacement parts in the nation. That means we can get your machinery up and running, and send the defective part to the factory for complete repair or reman.

It’s the best solution.

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