Rexroth’s Walk to Work Gangway

We live in an age of engineering marvels. One thing you can be sure of, each time you hear about a new engineering marvel, chances are good that Rexroth’s electric motion control will be involved.

Take the new “Walk to Work” gangway developed by Barge Master. “Walk to Work” may sound low-tech to begin with. But we’re talking here about a very unusual walk to work.

Barge Master’s revolutionary new gangway is designed for workers in the renewable energy sector. It provides an offshore hub for offshore wind farms in the Irish Sea. Equipment used at the wind farms is housed on special offshore vessels and moved by automatic vehicles. Rexroth’s gangway is composed of telescoping sections operated by electric motion control systems.

Integrated elevators carry personnel and the automated vehicles to all levels of the offshore hub and out to the wind farm. Super fast sensors and innovative drive systems allow the gangway to compensate for movement, handling waves up to 10 feet!

The new gangway allows continuous access, while ensuring the safety of the individuals using it.

The system was tested onshore in the Netherlands before it was deployed. The electric motion control system can respond to movements within milliseconds, allowing horizontal positioning of the gangway at any level needed. A single operator can run the gangway.

Barge Master has been using Rexroth electric drive and control systems for a decade. When they needed a partner for this innovative project, they naturally thought of Rexroth.

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