Robot Cowhands

Robots automate the milking of cows, using sensors and phones to gather information about the cows and to communicate with dairy farmers about the cattle’s health and habits. In the video above, an American dairy farmer celebrates the freedom this gives her cattle.

They can go out and play, hang out with the other bovine gals and socialize, or get a refreshing snack when “nature calls.”

In Japan, the same robots make it possible for a small family farm to be highly profitable in a place where a shortage of workers makes it very hard to staff a dairy farm. They use automatic cleaners to deal with cow manure, too, and plan to use more automation to produce cheese, ice cream, butter, and yogurt in the future.

Even though the U.S. isn’t suffering from the general shortage of workers that troubles Japan, there are two job openings for every one applicant for dairy farm jobs. Most dairy operations started out as family farms, but it’s hard to get the younger generation to milk cows at 0 dark thirty, not to mention shoveling manure at any time.

Automation works out for the people and the cattle.

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