Robot Nurses

We read about robot nurses from India — and then recognized them in this video about robot waiters.

It’s pretty clear that these buxom robots are in fact waitresses. We didn’t understand the shapeliness of the robots when they served as nurses, but we figure serving people food in India could be a situation in which a little bosom makes the robots more acceptable to customers.

A restaurant owner in the video mentions that he has eight of the robots to cover the needs of his restaurant. They’re efficient, and people like them. They can take orders in both Tamil and English. We can readily imagine that the robots are a tourist attraction.

Back to the nurse role. View the video showing the robot in that setting.

The waitress robots can serve food to people in hospitals just as well as to people in restaurants. They also deliver medications and carry other items around, too.

The waitress/nurse robots were developed originally for restaurants, but their makers, DotWorld Technologies, realized that COVID-19 was increasing the need for people to fetch and carry things in hospitals as well. Dokat Aura, the automated waiter, can do these tasks and free up human nurses for more challenging jobs.

Automating this kind of routine service also reduces the number of times human healthcare professionals need to interact with sick and infectious patients.

The challenge, according to a hospital official quoted in the Times of India, is not just learning to operate the machinery, but also “for patients to get comfortable with being served by it.”

Spot, Boston Robotics’ dog-like robot, has done similar services, but may be less appealing than the ladylike Aura. Aura bats her bright blue eyes and glides across the floor. Spot lumbers around headless.

Good for DotWorld for their agility, pivoting to coronavirus solutions with a product that started out with a different set of skills. That ability to respond to change may be exactly what we need as our nation reopens businesses.

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