Robot Predators Guard Japanese Village

Biomimicry is common in robot design. Researchers try to build robots that can jump like fleas, swim like octopi, or poop like wombats.

But the robots inspired by awesome mechanisms found in nature don’t usually look like fleas, octopi, or wombats. The object is not to create a mechanical kangaroo, but to build a machine that uses energy like a kangaroo.

Robot wolves

An exception is the case of robot wolves built in Japan to scare away bears.

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157 people were killed by bears in Japan last year. The bears suffered a poor crop of nuts and acorns, experts say, and woke up from hibernation because of hunger. Since these bears have grown up within the sound of human communities, they don’t fear humans. They mosey on into town looking for food, creating danger for the human inhabitants.

The solution? Robotic wolves which move and make eldritch sounds that scare the bears.

It really is a solution. There have been no bear attacks in this village since the wolves were installed.

Automation keeps people safe

It’s yet another example of how automation saves people from dangerous environments. Rexroth industrial automation keeps people from having to work with caustic chemicals, in physically uncomfortable spaces, or on repetitive tasks.

These robot wolves keep people from having to share their space with wild predators.

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