Robotic Shoes?

Time Magazine loved these Moonwalker robotic shoes from Shift Robotics. The electric shoes, which can help you walk at a brisk 7 miles per hour, made their list of the top invention of 2023.

An AI system keeps them safe, compared with roller skates, and they look like they will improve your airport experience if you need to hustle to make a connection. They might even allow you to commute on foot instead of taking a bike. Since they are worn over ordinary shoes, you can ditch them in your office drawer during the day if you don’t want to glide around the premises looking conspicuous.

But they have a locking mechanism, so you can wear them all day and adjust — with the help of that AI system — to the needs of the moment.


At $1399 a pop, these aren’t an affordable pair of shoes, though they might compare comfortably with a bike or scooter.

They run for 5-7 miles before they need to be charged, and take 90 minutes to recharge. They also weigh 5 pounds each. Oh, and you have to turn them on to use them. Already they’re seeming to be a little less convenient than your average pair of shoes.

CleanTechnica points out that they might not be welcomed in all indoor spaces. If indoor skating is not allowed, these might not be perceived as something very different from skates.

On the other hand, as the video below shows, they could be perfect for warehouse workers.

Christmas gift?

If you’re not ready to equip your staff with Moonwalkers, maybe you want to buy some for a Christmas present. The company says they feel a lot like walking on a moving sidewalk, and that you can just walk naturally as you normally do.

Maybe you have someone on your list who needs to get across campus quickly. Before you decide, check out the video below for a review from an early adopter.

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