Robots at Home

Rexroth is the world leader in industrial motion control, combining power and precision to move everything from printing presses to soccer stadiums.

But when people dream about robots, they often imagine robot servants. Rexroth doesn’t make motion control systems for household robots. If they did, though… it looks like Americans would welcome them.

70% of Americans would be happy to let robots do all their household chores. 73% said their homes would be cleaner if they left the housework to the bots. That means that 3% of respondents know the robots would do a better job, but still want to do their own housework.

Or at least some of their housework. Jobs people would willingly give up include dull jobs like vacuuming and washing dishes — jobs many of us already automate at least in part.

Changing the baby? Nope. Most people wouldn’t want robots to cook for them, either — although again, cooking already involves quite a bit of automation.

Almost half of respondents want robots to do their laundry, though robots have proven themselves to be bad at doing the laundry. Most of us would also let a robot clean the bathroom, pick up after our dogs, and rake the leaves.

Roborock, a maker of robot vacuum cleaners, did the research and made the infographic. They could have used a human proofreader to catch their claim that robots would do a good job of “wracking” the leaves.

We’ll continue to dream of household robots-helpers. In the meantime, we are your Rexroth electric industrial motion control specialists, ready to help with your service and support needs for Rexroth units new or old.

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