Robots Bring Jobs

Some questions about robots come up more often than others. “Why do the humanoid ones fall down all the time?”, “Are they going to enslave and kill us?”, and “Will they take away our jobs?” are hardy perennials.

But a new article in Forbes says that increasing automation will actually increase the number of jobs available to us, if we play our cards right.

Author Tim Johnson isn’t bringing a whole lot of new ideas to the table.

For example, he begins by pointing out all the new jobs that have already been developed by technology that got rid of old jobs. There aren’t many jobs for buggy whip makers nowadays, but plenty of people are employed in making seat belts and steering wheels.

Employment is not so great for the horses that used to power buggies, though.

So it’s essential that we humans make sure that we gain new skills and make sure that our human abilities– including soft skills — are valued in our workplaces.

Johnson also thinks we need to play nice with robots. If we’re not prepared to work directly with robots, he figures, we’re going to have trouble adapting to having more coworking robots in our workspaces.

So one essential step for the humans of today is to quit being so scared of robots.

Making sure that we and our workers are prepared to cooperate with artificial intelligence may be one of the most important changes we need to make.

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