Robots Build Themselves a Museum

The Robot Science Museum in Seoul will be opening officially in 2022. Its first exhibit, however, will get started next year when robots publicly build the museum.

The building will be egg-shaped and covered in metal plates which the robots will form, assemble, weld, and polish while admiring humans look on. A second team of robots will use 3D printers to build the concrete surroundings. Drones will guide autonomous construction vehicles and perform site inspections.

The idea is to present robots as workers and important parts of the museum from the beginning. Robots will also perform service jobs once the museum opens, as well as being exhibited. The museum will offer visitors opportunities to experience artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and a full range of robot capacity.

The Robot Science Museum is one of several museums being built in the region, but this museum is different from the others. Its goal is to encourage the public to become interested in robots and to feel positive about them. Its loftier mission is to create a new universe where robots and human beings can coexist happily.

Inside, the museum will have three exhibit spaces, a seminar room, a shop, and offices.

Realistically, the robots will need some human assistance to get their new museum in shape for human visitors. Robot construction workers and 3-D printing may get the facade and the sidewalks in place, but there will be plenty of work for people.

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