Robots Take in the NFL Game

The first game of the football season had some surprising fans in the stands: a collection of humanoid robots.

The game was between the Miami Dolphins and the Los Angeles Chargers, and fans from both sides seem to have enjoyed the unusual attendees.

On X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, several people shared photos. Commenters suggested that the teams had brought in robots to fill the stands. Others claimed that they were actors pretending to be robots, something which has happened before.

Not so. In fact, the machines were there to promote a new sci-fi film from 20th Century Studios, The Creator.

The film

This film, forthcoming from Disney’s 20th Century Studios, will open September 29th. It features a robots vs. humans war. Its creators decided that the football game was a unique advertising opportunity.

The AI fans, and of course the social media storm that followed their attendance of the game, have done their job of bringing attention to the upcoming movie. Some found them creepy and some found them exciting, but they couldn’t be overlooked.

The robots

We have not been able to find out who made the robots, or any technical details about them.

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