Satisfied Workers Less Worried about AI

A new survey of workers found that happier workers are less worried about having their jobs taken by robot overlords…or any variation on that theme.

First, happy workers are in the majority. About one quarter of the people surveyed are thinking about leaving their jobs. Who’s got one foot out the door? It’s “those who feel overworked (44%), struggle to pay the bills every month (38%), and Gen Z (35%).” But it also has to do with straight up happiness. Less than half of those who are thinking of changing jobs described their positions as “fulfilling.”

Money is on people’s minds. While previous research has shown that people who are unhappy at work tend to feel underpaid, the researchers found some supporting data for the idea that people are feeling the crunch more now than in the past.

More people this year are working multiple;tiple jobs, more of them say they have no money left at the end of the month, and more say they are struggling financially.

How about AI?

More than half of the respondents expect AI to have positive impacts for them. They think AI will increase their productivity and give them an opportunity to learn new skills.

However, the people who are doing well financially are more likely to have these positive ideas. They are more apt to think AI will create new job opportunities for them, too.

Those who are struggling are more likely to believe that AI will have a negative impact on their work.

Robot boosters are more likely to be the people who already use specialized skills in their jobs. They think their employers will support their drive to learn new skills in the rapidly changing workplace.

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