Say Hi to Astribot

Check out the Astribot S1 in this video.

Then check out the headlines that have been written about it:

  • Freak robot made in China can learn, think, work like humans
  • Chinese Robot Maker Creates Humanoid Robot that Can Do Almost All Human Tasks. It can think like a real human being.
  • Video of super-fast, super-smooth humanoid robot will drop your jaw
  • Robot Makers Try to Reassure Public They’re Legit After Elon Musk Fudged Demo
  • Chinese startup demonstrates robot that could do your chores
  • FOR REAL?  Watch as speedy new humanoid AI robot shows off impressive cooking and cleaning skills ‘faster than man’

Stardust Intelligence, the Shenzhen-based makers of Astribot, have done a great job. This humanoid robot can actually fold a shirt, using a clever move known as “the Pinch Method.”

  • Granted, the robot can’t do it in two seconds, but Astribot is still the best clothing-folding robot we’ve ever seen. We’re not going to call it a freak. (Some of those headlines are just rude.)
  • Humanoid or not?

  • Astribot is not exactly humanoid, since it is not bipedal. The video doesn’t answer all our questions, but we definitely want to see more.

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