Servo Drives in Pharmaceuticals

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Drive and Control Magazine is the online magazine about Bosch Rexroth products in action and the latest trends in motion control. A recent article describes how IndraDrive Mi servo drives are being used in pharmaceutical manufacturing for pouches. Because the pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated, tracking information must be captured during the manufacturing process. The IndraDrive Mi servo drive is perfect for this problem because it has a decentralized daisy-chaining ability that other Rexroth and Indramat servo drives don’t have.

Daisy-chaining reduces the amount of cable required, which means that other cables for hooking up monitoring information don’t overload your system with cables. Taking care of your cables should be one of your top priorities because without good cables, your machinery will fail. Cables, as we’ve said time and again, should be the first spare you buy.

The truth is that very few businesses use the latest in technology like this and often resort to workarounds. Since old servo drives can’t communicate with other, more modern technology to track manufacturing processes, it almost always involves more sensors that verify and keep track of data. Since data is one of the most important assets of a company, making sure your servos aren’t messing up your tracking machines is important. If your servos are having routine errors and are slowing down production, it can cause trouble for your tracking and data capturing efforts. When your numbers are off, it can be very frustrating.

No matter if you’re using the latest tracking technology or are using older servos that have been in use for decades, making sure that your servos are being well taken care is important to your business. If your servos aren’t doing what they’re supposed to for your business, like working among other machines without troubles, it’s time to get a checkup. It’s just what the servo doctor ordered!

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