Servo Motors for Forges—Better than Hydraulics

forge-by-Payton ChungHydraulic oils and compressed air can be pretty dangerous, both to those on the plant floor who have to work near forges and to the environment. As a result, many areas have banned hydraulic oils and compressed air and there’s been a 20% decrease in the number of hydraulic presses being installed every year. They’re being replaced with servo motors and servo drives for a number of reasons.

Although servo motors have a higher initial cost than hydraulic and pneumatic machines, servos are much lower in cost to operate. First, they’re more energy efficient than other options because they use electricity in smart ways—instead of having to maintain a certain amount of pressure at all times and fluctuate the pressure to make movements, servo motors use electronic energy in a more efficient manner.

Because there aren’t any fluids or gasses under high pressure, servos also create a much safer work environment. Since the drive is the stop mechanism as well as the driving force behind the movement, it’s easy to set up safety stops that have a quick response time. This means that servos can be used in more applications than other types of motors. The lack of high pressured gasses and oils also reduces the environmental footprint because there is no hazardous waste from the servos that could possibly cause negative impacts.

On top of lower operating costs, servos can be programmed to suit different sizes of metals for pressing. This means less time spent doing change overs and more time working, reducing the overall cost of goods produced at the forge. They’re also practically maintenance free because they’re self-contained and are highly reliable.

Servos can run for decades before they need any sort of maintenance, but that also means that few people know how to maintain them. We’ve worked on Rexroth servos enough to know that repairing servos is work best left to professionals—that’s why all our parts are factory repaired.

If you have a forge press that uses servo motors and needs repairs, call us and we’ll help get your forge back up and running in no time.

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