Servo Repairs and Standards

testing by elginwxBrand new Rexroth servos come with certain specifications for things like torque and speed—and that’s a good thing. Without these standards it’s difficult to know exactly what a servo will do and how fast it will do it. It’s also hard to fit the right servo to the right job without this information. Servos with too much or too little power can really wreak havoc on a manufacturing floor. It’s important that your servos have the right output because without ensuring power and torque are correct, you could negatively impact your production.

Of course, servos rarely have this problem—except when they’re repaired without strict testing and requirements. Some servo repair companies use scrap parts from all kinds of things—they might not even be genuine Rexroth parts. They might be from another kind of servo entirely. The problem with this is that servos need to be tested to ensure they maintain the same standards of output as they are meant to have and they need to maintain these levels well after they leave the repair shop.

One advantage of working with us for your Indramat and Rexroth servo repair is that all our repairs are done at the factory with genuine Rexroth parts. Once all of the repairs are completed, each servo goes through rigorous testing to ensure that it’s up to Rexroth standards. It’s the same testing that Rexroth uses when it produces brand new servos off the line. Do you trust a third-party repair shop to use the same methods and expensive equipment to match Rexroth’s testing procedures? We don’t and that’s why we only do factory repair.

When your servo arrives repaired after going through a factory repair, you can rest assured that everything is in working order as it should be. Rexroth has very high standards for their products and we keep those same standards in our repairs.

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