Servomotor Friday Fun: Servo Door Unlocker

Servomotors provide some really flexible technology that can be integrated into lots of applications, from forges to less obvious uses, like this awesome door unlocking system. We love seeing all the creative uses people find for servomotors, both big and small. One student used a servo to create a system that unlocks a dorm room door when an acceptable keycard is swiped. Check out this video explaining how the student designed the servomotor system:

This is an innovative use of a simple servomotor. Integrating servos as the workhorse into big ideas or small ones brings those ideas to life.

Servomotors aren’t always as simple as it seems in this video, especially when you get to bigger and better ideas. Huge servos, like the Rexroth and Indramat ones we repair, are complex machines that take a lot of knowledge to understand and experience to repair well. We stick with Rexroth’s factory repairs so all servo repairs we do are up to speed with the latest information and techniques for repair — and have authentic Rexroth parts. With the support of the factory’s repair team, our staff can solve any problem.

When your Rexroth servo has a problem, give us a call and we’ll help you get it repaired and working again. Although this student developed a workaround where he could still use his key if his servo failed, we’re sure that your servos are the only way you can get work done—so it’s important to work with a company you can trust to open new doors with great repairs.

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