Servomotor Jokes


A software technician and a hardware technician are working together on a frustrating problem and tempers are beginning to get short. The software technician mumbles, “You can be replaced with a small script,” to which the hardware technician replies, “You can be replaced with a small armature and a servomotor.”

No matter what your approach, software and hardware work together to get the job done with servo systems. If either the software in the servo drive or the hardware in the servomotor has problems, it means neither works, despite what the two techs in the joke think. Scripts are useless without something to use them and motion control technology doesn’t do anything without a script.

Is it a hardware problem or a software problem?

Repairing servos is a balancing act till you find out exactly where the problem is. Sometimes problems with software look like problems with the hardware. Other times problems with hardware seem like problems with software.

Having enough experience to find the root of the problem with servos comes down to how many servos you’ve dealt with and what types of applications they’ve been used in. One type of servo motor can be used in a thousand different ways—this means you might see thousands of different issues. But it’s typically all centered around a handful of problems that are the same across the board. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

Our technicians have extensive experience working with all kinds of Rexroth and Indramat servo equipment, from some of the biggest servos in the world to some of the smallest for very precise actions. If you’re having trouble figuring out just where exactly your problem is, whether in the hardware or software, we can help.

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