Servos and Pace

traffic-jam-byepsos.deA production line is like a highway: if something goes wrong or is bottlenecking at one point, it backs up the rest of the whole production. If you have any kind of fluctuation in different parts of your production line, servos can help solve some of the biggest traffic flow problems that occur when it comes to changing pace.

For instance, as we said last week, Modelo uses servos in their beer packaging because they can adapt quickly to changing configurations when it comes to packing cans of beer in different sized boxes. Before installing a servo motor driven packaging line, Modelo had issues with the packaging line being able to keep up with the changes in canning. The pace of canning is highly variable in beer production and there can be a quick rush of a lot of cans at once that would quickly overwhelm the packaging line, eventually backing up the whole production and requiring a lot of extra overflow space.

The more space you need for overflow of items in your pick and pack, the higher your overall costs will be because more space means more money. Servos can adapt automatically to new paces because of their responsive nature—when there are a lot of cans coming down the line, the packaging line speeds up without even having to be changed by a human. This ensures there aren’t backups and reduces the overall amount of space needed by Modelo for their production, allowing them to decrease the size of their production line, save money, or even do something else with that space.



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