Servos and Sterile Packaging


One of the main benefits of automation is the opportunity to keep human workers out of dangerous situations. A Rexroth servo motor can work in a wash-down environment with caustic chemicals — or in a sterile environment.

New regulations on medical device packaging went into effect this fall. Sterility of the medical device within the packaging is the central focus. But are manufacturers meeting that requirement?

In a recent interview in Packaging World magazine, Curt Larsen of the Spartan Design Group said, “The little guys can fly under the radar,” acknowledging that the FDA finds it more practical to go after larger companies. Larsen attributed this to the larger companies’ “deep pockets,” but it can also be said that going after larger companies keeps a larger number of products sterile.

Smaller manufacturers make fewer items, so getting them into compliance with regulations has a smaller overall  effect. Add up all those smaller manufacturers, though, and you can be looking at a lot of people unwittingly put in danger by their devices’ packaging.

Can you put your machinery into a sterile environment and increase the degree of automation to a level that keeps non-sterile workers (human beings, for example) out of the picture?

Many of our clients have had their Rexroth legacy machinery in place for decades. Often, the people on the floor now were not around when the machinery was installed and configured. Sometimes no one is even aware that their motion control systems came from Rexroth in the first place.

What do you want to bet some users of these legacy systems, installed before the new regulations, can keep them up to date and compliant with these new regulations? You might be one of them.

Before you decide that accepting fines for non-compliance is more cost-effective than buying new machinery, find out what would be involved in getting your facility up to current standards with the same machinery you already have. We’re specialists in Rexroth electric motion control, including their legacy machinery. We can assist with design and configuration to meet changing circumstances. Call (479) 422-0390 for immediate assistance.

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