Should You Always Ship Servos?

shipment-by- supervillainTake a look at servo repair companies out there and they’ll tell you the process involves you shipping your servo to their location for repairs. Simply call, they say, and we’ll create a special tracking number for your servo and we’ll let you know how it goes from there. That’s all the information they give you when you call up for assistance—they’d rather get their hands on the servo than walk you through what might be wrong.

Our servo repairs, on the other hand, are more intensive than other companies. First, when you call we don’t simply assign you a number and tell you to send a servo on its way. We offer phone support first because we know that we can often solve your problem or at least save you time that way.

If we can’t solve your problem over the phone, there are a few options. If you need rush emergency replacements immediately, we can use our chartered flight service to bring you a replacement part to get you back up and running—it’s far faster and more effective than sticking your part in for overnight delivery to a repair shop and waiting weeks to get it back. This is the most popular repair option we have because when servos break it’s usually a terrible situation to be in for your plant.

On the other hand, if you can wait more than a few hours for a repair, we can work with you to get your servo back to you as soon as possible in fantastic, factory-repaired condition. Call us today to find out how.

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