Should You Outsource Your Rexroth Service?


Outsourcing engineering is controversial. A company that keeps enough engineers on hand to cover peak demand may feel as though they’re underusing their current staff as it is, and may be unwilling to look outside for support when the machinery fails.

On the other hand, a company that keeps all the engineers running ragged obviously wants to run lean, and they’ve already decided that they can tolerate a certain amount of emergency chaos. They look on using existing staff as effectively as possible as part of doing business well.

Best option

However sometimes this isn’t the best option. Outsourcing tasks your business doesn’t have the talent for, Entrepreneur says, is one of the things successful businesses do best. While it’s not a good idea to outsource tasks your business is capable of but no one wants to do, it is a great idea to bring in outside servo expertise when it’s a problem that you can’t handle well enough.

We get calls for support for many reasons:

  • The machine fails, the cabinet is opened for the first time in human memory, and the word “Indramat” appears, completely bumfuzzling all the engineers.
  • To put it in a less picturesque way, nobody on the floor knows how to troubleshoot the legacy motion control devices.
  • The operating system called for is not available to you, or no one knows how to use it.
  • The device is designed in such a way that in situ repair is not possible or desirable.
  • The parts needed are not readily available.
  • A replacement unit is needed urgently while factory repairs are made.

Often the people who call us have been trying to solve the problem themselves for a very expensive length of time. We can often help them over the phone. If not, we can get their problems taken care of quickly with the parts, emergency units, and years of experience we have on hand.

Sometimes it makes sense to talk to the experts. Contact us for immediate assistance.

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