Stretch Warehouse Robot Sold Out

Stretch, the new warehouse robot from Boston Dynamics, has just come on the market — and it’s already sold out. The company is taking orders for 2023-2024.

With ecommerce growing by leaps and bounds during the pandemic, warehouse workers are more important than ever… but warehouses are facing the same labor shortages that so many industries are coping with right now. Automation is an obvious solution.

What’s new about Stretch?

Warehouses have in fact been automated for years. However, many warehouse robotic solutions are complex. With elaborate grid systems and full-warehouse planning, they involve large up-front costs and big changes in workflow.

However, warehouses right now may just need am urgent solution to a lack of workers and a rise in demand. Stretch meets this need with a smaller, more flexible approach. Stretch can be moved around to respond to varying requirements in different places in a facility, since it has both wheels and a vision system that helps it orient itself.

Stretch doesn’t have to be pre-programmed, and can handle a variety of box types and sizes as long as they’re under 50 pounds. It can be installed and ready to work in an existing warehouse setup in a matter of days. One charge will last for 16 hours of work.

The robot can unload vehicles and move boxes, freeing human workers for more complex tasks.

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