Super Bowl Ads Star Robots

Robots were all over yesterday’s Super Bowl ads… but not the way we usually see them. There were robots regretting their inability to drink beer or taste chips. There was a retrospective of Alexa skills that didn’t work out as planned. Humans worried about robots taking over in one ad, in which robots and devices are portrayed eating hot dogs and assuring a wife that they are always listening to her, even if her husband isn’t.

Observers suggest that the trend is a response to growing uneasiness about losing jobs to robots. TurboTax took that bull by the horns with an ad depicting a robot feeling sad about not being able to become a CPA. CPAs are, of course, at the top of lists of jobs that will be taken over by robots. TurboTax disagrees, saying that robots don’t have the emotional intelligence to do the jobs of TurboTax CPAs.

Vox suggests that these messages are intended to be comforting. Does that work for you? Would it cheer you up to think that the robots in your workplace are troubled, possibly by the fact that they can’t enjoy beer?

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