An eBay Insider on Rexroth Components Great Deals

We wrote a while back about why we don’t think you should buy Indramat on eBay even if it looks like a bargain. We recently had a conversation with an eBay insider that makes us question whether it’s actually a bargain or not.

“I don’t make money when I sell,” the eBay veteran assured us. “I make money when I buy the goods.”

He went on to explain that the reason eBay works for him is that he buys very, very cheaply and then sells for as much as he possibly can.

“It’s basic economics,” he explained. “Since I’m selling at auction, the price is set entirely by demand.” Since he has no real control over the demand for the items and has only limited control over the selling price, the profit depends on buying items at the lowest possible price.

“I get my stock anywhere and everywhere, I make a reasonable amount on shipping and handling, and I count on huge volume to make my profits.”

This is clearly the best strategy for the person selling Rexroth or Rexroth Indramat components on eBay. Is it the best strategy for you?

If you buy things for the lowest possible price, you do not expect them to be of the highest possible quality. If you’re buying vintage hats on eBay, you might not care whether they’re in great condition or not. You pay the price you’re willing to pay, and you figure the hat will be good enough for your purpose, based on the photo you saw before you placed your bid.

Is your servo important?

How much does that photo of a servo motor tell you about its condition?

How much flexibility do you have when it comes to the reliability and quality of a drive or control?

Or, to put it another way, how much does each minute off line waiting for a repair or replacement cost you?

We have nothing against eBay. It’s a fun way to shop and it can produce good results for some products. Not, we’d say, for industrial motion control. Instead, call us at (479) 422-0390. We will have new or factory repaired parts for you right away. If you’re in a big hurry, we can hop on a plane. Don’t take chances.

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