Temporary Bridges

"Floating Bridge Under Construction on 31 May 2007 Pict 5" by Imre Solt

“Floating Bridge Under Construction on 31 May 2007 Pict 5” by Imre Solt

Julius Caesar could see the ancient Germans across a river. He had his troops build a bridge across that river. It took 10 days. The troops strolled around a bit, and then left, dismantling the bridge.

The bridge wasn’t really the point, although that’s some impressive engineering. The point was to make sure that the Germans knew that the Romans could come over at any time and do whatever they wanted. At that moment, they didn’t want to do much of anything. They just wanted the Germans to understand what they could do.

Rexroth has helped to build a new bridge in Dubai. It’s a pontoon bridge, a temporary structure helping Dubai City to ease traffic jams in town until the permanent bridge is built some years in the future. More than 6,000 cars travel on it each day, moving to and from Dubai City. With six lanes and nearly a quarter of a mile in length, this temporary bridge is an important part of the infrastructure.

Rexroth’s part in the bridge is a set of electronically-controlled ramps that automatically adjust to the height of the water. They’re an important part of the safety planning for the bridge.

The bridge, known simply as Floating Bridge, was assembled in 23 days, a modern record. The entire time for planning and preparation came to a mere 10 months. But the strength and power behind the bridge, like the strength and power behind’s Caesar’s bridge, weren’t built in a day.

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