Thankfulness, part 1

As we prepare for Thanksgiving, you’ve probably been thinking about the things for which you’re thankful. After all, someone might ask you at the groaning board on Thursday.

You’ve probably already felt grateful for your family, your friends, your health, and your job.

But have you expressed your gratitude for electricity?

If you had to create the power to light up a lightbulb all by yourself by running on a treadmill, according to mathematician Graham Tattersall, you’d have to run all the time, 24/7 just to keep one 75 watt bulb alight.

You could instead keep your fridge going, or your TV. But if you wanted to heat water to boiling to make a cup of tea to refresh yourself after all that work, you’d have to get 40 friends together (we assume that you have to stop running in order to pour the hot water and drink that tea).

Keeping your house warm with central heating so you and your family can enjoy Thanksgiving Day in a cozy house together? You’ll need 200 runners. You may have that many friends on Facebook, but we don’t think they’d show up.

Instead, you have only to flip a switch. That’s something to be thankful for.

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