The Intelligent Drive Solution

Rexroth’s Ecodrive series was billed as “The Intelligent Servo Drive Solution,” implying that all previous drives had been… well, stupid.


Back in the day, the distinction between smart machines and dumb machines wasn’t that the smart ones could adapt to parameters communicated by workpieces or alert you when they were about to run out of raw materials. It was more a matter of being intelligently designed and easy to work with.

DKC compact controls contain all power supply, control and regulation electronics. They make it possible now — and it was a new idea then — to integrate the entire system. They work with all these motors:
MBS and 1MB

One of the most impressively smart elements of the Ecodrive series was the programming module with data and firmware memory. That and the Rexroth modular design meant that a faulty module could be reprogrammed just about instantly. Pull out the faulty module, pop in the new one, and the programming was already in place.

That was a game changer. Downtime, arguably the most expensive part of industrial repairs, was reduced to almost nothing. We keep the nation’s largest supply of factory refurbished Rexroth electric drive and control components on hand, along with chartered planes that get the replacement parts to you fast… while we facilitate factory repair or reman of your parts.

So our clients have much less downtime to deal with.

The Ecodrive DKC also has automatic motor identification, self-adaptation, and online help.

So the DKC series is integrated, versatile, and easy to work with. It still sounds pretty smart. We can help you keep your DKC functioning perfectly. Factory repair and reman bring your components back to you as good as new, often with a new warranty. Save time and money by keeping your current systems in top shape. Bring in the new components when it will really make a difference.

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Factory Repair services available with 24 hour turnaround.

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