The Missing Parts

Production rose over the summer, and so did factory inventory. But NPR reports that some of that growth involves projects that are waiting for a missing part.

With supply chains still disrupted and labor shortages affecting many industries, some manufacturers are experiencing delays.

You’ve probably heard about auto makers waiting for semiconductor chips in the midst of a global shortage. But it’s not just cars.

Shipping is part of the problem

Container ships are waiting as long as a week to be unloaded. When key parts are stuck at the dock, it affects everyone along that supply chain.

The Port of Los Angeles, the busiest seaport in the United States, reported 40 ships waiting to berth. 90% of ships arriving there are having to anchor outside the port and wait their turns.

Other ports faced COVID-19 closures. Especially China and Vietnam, complete closures of ports have slowed things down on the export side. In the U.S., container ships are being delayed but finding drivers for trucks to carry the goods from the docks to the final destinations is also a problem.

One of the manufacturers NPR spoke with has been trying to find alternative sources, and has bought her first robot. But she’s still fielding calls from clients who are waiting weeks to get their orders. She says they’re offering to pay overtime for her staff or to chip in extra for expedited shipping.

Unfortunately, shipping delays and lack of dock workers are keeping essential parts from reaching the places where they’re needed. Shipping costs have skyrocketed. And now there is also a critical shortage of shipping containers.

Walmart is chartering a fleet of ships to go get their goods, but that’s not practical for most of us.

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