What’s the DKCXX.3?


The DKC01.3 is the Swiss Army Knife of DKC drives. The DKC11.3 is often referred to as the dumb drive, which is unfair, but also accurate. And what about the DKCXX.3?

This is a very special drive, in that it doesn’t exist. If you see “DKCXX.3,” you’re looking in the wrong place.

That code is telling you that the drive is one of the DKC Type 3 drives. It’s important information. It lets you know at a glance what kind of power supply you’re going to need. But it doesn’t tell you which of the many different drives in this group you have. “XX” in this number is serving as a variable. All the DKC Type 3 drives begin with DKC and end with .3. It’s the numbers in between those two strings — 1, 11, 02, 02, o3, 06 — that distinguish among the different variations of the Type 3 drive.

The DKCXX.3 code will show up on the outside of the box. You’ll need to open that box and check the panel to see the actual model number of the actual drive.

By the way, if this is your first stop looking for help with your Ecodrive DKC drive and controller, you’re in the right place. We specialize in Rexroth electric motion control, including DKC drives. And we have a special tip for you when you’re facing a sudden failure in your system: check the battery.

We often get calls from people who never guessed that their servos or controllers might have a battery. These batteries typically last about 10 years — just long enough for the guy who knew it was supposed to be replaced to retire. A sudden failure could be the result of the need to change the battery in one or more of your components.

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