The Performance Plateau

Industrial automation made enormous strides in the 20th century. Indramat’s brushless servo motors were a big part of that innovation, and the use of automation in factories, printing companies, and so forth ushered in an era of increased productivity and safety in American manufacturing.

Then everybody sort of relaxed. The most exciting news in motion control tended to be in the area of games (we’re still waiting for machinery that can be operated by standing back and dancing around) and breakthroughs for manufacturing ended up being things like equipment that was quieter.

This shouldn’t be too surprising. The history of the printing press is a series of world-affecting changes followed by a few centuries of nothing very new. Servo motors themselves began in a rudimentary form in Ancient Greece and then hung around as a concept until they showed up on steam engines centuries later.

In some ways, anything that works exceptionally well can show this kind of punctuated equilibrium. Things like cup holders have to change all the time because they just don’t work that well to begin with.

Expert Jim Pinto proposes that the cloud will be the next big change agent for industrial automation, bringing something completely new to the table.

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