The Queen’s Mark

Rexroth drive and control systems are known for their perfect combination of precision and power, so they are widely used in many industries, from space travel to agriculture. One of the fields where we have a lot of clients is in printing, the quintessential example of a need for both precision and power. As newspapers and print magazines dwindle in their market share and influence, packaging of consumer goods becomes ever more central to the printing industry. And one particular task in packaging  needs to be taken care of quickly at the moment: the Queen’s mark.

The queen in question is Elizabeth II of England, the beloved monarch of 70 years who died earlier this month. The mark in question is the special notice on her favorite brands. Twinings tea, Heinz ketchup, and Cadbury chocolate are just a few of the 620+ brands that get to say on their packaging “By appointment to her majesty the Queen.”

Or rather, they got to say that.

The Queen’s mark

Since the 15th century, companies that provided goods to the household of the British royal family got to announce this fact on their packages. Twinings has had that announcement since 1837, when Queen Victoria gave the company her royal warrant. 

Counting all the brands that have received and currently hold royal warrants, there are 800 such companies.

Every brand with the royal warrant has that warrant renewed at least every five years. Those with a royal warrant from Queen Elizabeth can continue to use her mark for two more years. Once King Charles III is crowned, the royal household will review all the warrants and the holders of all the warrants will have to apply to have a new warrant. This process could easily take two years.

Within that time frame, those brands that continue to serve the royal household will need to change their claim to “By appointment to his majesty the King.” Any that lose the warrant will have to remove the mark.

And of course there are bound to be more goods and services applying for their own entirely new warrants. Brands must prove that they have been in use in the royal household for at least five years. “Amongst other things, applicants are also required to demonstrate that they have an appropriate environmental and sustainability policy and action plan,” says the Royal Warrant Office.

It’ll be a big job for all those companies, as well as for the royal household. We’re confident that Rexroth machinery will come into play in many cases. If you need service or support for your Rexroth drive and control systems, we are the ones to call. Contact us immediately for quick service.

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