The Rexroth Flexible Transport System

The Bosch Rexroth Flexible Transport System (FTS) is a unique system designed to move and position materials and workpieces in various applications. It’s particularly useful when traditional conveyor systems like rollers, chains, or belts aren’t suitable.

Accuracy and speed

FTS offers greater precision compared to traditional systems. It can achieve speeds up to 5 meters per second with minimal velocity ripple. This makes it suitable for tasks requiring both speed and accuracy.

Not only is it faster than conventional systems, it uses sensors between motors and can be extended to very long lines with multiple motors. The innovative set up allows workpieces of widely different sizes and weights with the same high level of accuracy. Rexroth has always offered both precision and power, and FTS continues this tradition.

At the same time, FTS is suited to slower processes, like applying coatings.

Modular design

The FTS is built from modular components, allowing for easy integration into existing systems and machines. This also provides flexibility in terms of size and scale to suit specific needs.

Flexible movement

The FTS offers a high degree of design freedom. Carriers can move independently or in a synchronized manner based on programming. This allows for intricate movements within a production line.

Unlike conventional systems that use cables, FTS employs a moving magnet drive system. This eliminates the need for troublesome moving cables and facilitates cleanroom or vacuum environments. The contactless drive is suited to a wide range of challenging settings.

Open system design

The FTS can seamlessly integrate with external conveyor belts and robots for assembly tasks. At the Automate 2024 Show, the FTS was demonstrated with an integrated Kassow Robot. The FTS is designed to work with your current workflow and hardware.

The system uses a standard PC for software operation and offers C/C++ or PLC interface with standard Ethernet for easy control.

Overall, the Bosch Rexroth FTS is a versatile solution for material handling applications that require precision, speed, and clean operation.

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