The Rexroth IoT Gateway

IoT — the internet of things — is the big deal in manufacturing this year, taking top place in crystal balls all over the industrial world. Rexroth is making it easier to make the dream a reality. The big news, which was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, is the IoT Gateway. The Gateway is a system of hardware and software that can be used with new and existing machines.

The IoT Gateway knocks down a number of obstacles to practical use of IoT in manufacturing. For example, it allows users to take advantage of IoT without learning any programming languages or intervening in the automation logic. The Gateway collects data from sensors and processes and relays the data to cloud or on-premise solutions. Users can access the information and work with it in their web-based dashboards with the interfaces they already know how to use.

Configuring a new system without having to replace existing machinery is another game changer. Since Rexroth drive and motion control systems have always used modular design, the new Gateway components can easily be integrated with existing industrial motion control systems. Many manufacturers have been successful with a combination of new and legacy components, and the Gateway system takes that into account.

The Gateway runs on IndraControl XM embedded control hardware and is scaleable with other IndraControl modules. This means that it can work now with existing machines and still be ready to work with future technology… even if you’re not quite sure what the future will look like in your facility.

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