The Rexroth Road Show is Still on the Road

The Rexroth Road Show has presented the new face of industrial automation to more than 1,200 people at 125 companies in the northern half of the U.S. since it reached our shores in June. Rexroth’s traveling show is for engineers, and it’s a big hit wherever it goes.

So what’s the Rexroth Road Show?

It’s a self-contained mobile showroom — a trailer, in other words, jam packed with hands-on demos of the latest technology for manufacturing. The trailer is 60′ long, 13′ high, and 8′ wide, and it weighs an impressive 18900 lbs. It features a wide range of excellent technologies, from CNC technology and IndraDrive Mi and ML to Sytronics and the legendary Nexo cordless WiFi nutrunner. Open Core Engineering, CNC technology, anti-slosh and anti-vibration solutions, and much more is inside this rolling treasure cave.

It’s completely self-contained, quick to put up and even boasts an awning. On-board climate control and video kiosks improve the visitor experience.

The object of the road show is not just to give potential customers a chance to get their hands on some cool new tools. It’s also to show how connected industry-ready drive and control technologies can actually work in the real world. There’s a lot of talk about Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, but understanding how these things can work together in real working situations can be a stretch. The road show puts together some practical solutions like conveyors, tightening tools, multi-axis mechatronic systems, and electric drives and controls to demonstrate how these devices can work together to provide modern solutions for daily needs.

The road show spent two days at Connected World in Chicago, and has been to visit manufacturing plants around the Great Lakes and in the Northeast and upper Midwest. The best part: you can request a visit at your facility.

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