The S1 Button

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You see “PL” on your Rexroth drive and you remember that there’s a solution for that: the S1 button. It will get rid of the error message, clear the fault, reset, and give you a fresh start — right?

What the S1 button does

The S1 button on the drive controller will erase all the current parameters. They will be replaced with the factory preset default values.

This is indeed a reset and it will get rid of the error message.

Will it solve your problem or create a worse problem? It depends what your problem is.

Where did the current parameters come from?

If you changed your firmware, the “PL” message is letting you know that the old parameters don’t suit your new firmware. S1 will reset the parameters to the factory setting correct parameters for the new firmware.

On the other hand, if you had specified custom parameters, they will be gone. You will be back to the factory resets, which in this case is not what you want at all.

In this case, pressing the S1 button will be followed by a horrible sinking feeling and a complete recommissioning process.

The solution

Instead of pressing the S1 button willy-nilly the way you push the reset button on your router or something, begin by exporting and saving your current parameters.

With a trusted copy of your parameters in a safe place, you can go ahead and push the S1 button and see if it does what you want. If not, you have your parameters to import and you can try something else.

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