The Servo Graveyard and Servo Repair

repair shopIt’s a scary place — the servo graveyard where their parts are harvested for repairs to other servos. In the movie The Brave Little Toaster, there were scenes of a repair shop where the appliances had lost all hope and were used for scrap repairs to newer appliances. While you might not want to get too involved in the emotional world of machinery, the truth is that this scavenging for parts is pretty common in the 3rd party servo repair world.

Drive and motion control machinery that sees the end of the road is disassembled and the good parts filed away for use in another broken unit. When a servo comes in that needs a repair, old parts from the other servos are used to patch up the broken servo.

Are graveyard parts the best thing for repair work? Obviously not. Deciding that a part is still good is not the same as choosing a new part. Often, the decision is made by eye, so you may just be replacing a broken part with a part that’s almost ready to break.

All of our repairs are done at the factory with new, original parts. Rexroth doesn’t sell replacement parts and that’s why other servo repair companies have to resort to graveyard parts. Working with the factory, however, you get top of the line repairs that meet factory standards so your servo, drive, or control comes back literally as good as new.

If your servomotor or servo drive isn’t working, give us a call and we can help.

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