The Servo Motor Market


What’s driving demand for servo motors as we move into 2017? A recent report on the industrial motion control market identifies four factors that are expected to cause continued increase in demand for servo motors within this market.

First, there’s the increasing urbanization and industrialization in developing countries. China, India and other global players have been heading toward urbanization for the past couple of decades, and there’s no change in direction on the horizon. We are in the midst of the largest population movement in the history of the world: the movement of rural populations into urban centers.

At this point, 3 billion people live in urban centers and it is expected that most of the anticipated population growth will continue to center in these cities. Along with this movement comes an increasing need for and demand for consumer goods, and along with it an increased need for manufacturing efficiency.

There is also a trend toward the replacement of stepper motors with high performance servo motors. The stepper vs. server controversy is all but over, and updates at manufacturing facilities generally include servos.

Certain industries are demanding greater energy efficiency and higher performance from electric motors. Some of the most important industries in this category are textiles, healthcare equipment, and automobile manufacturing. Increased demand not only for these products but also for a higher level of customization at lower costs makes efficiency a key element of success for manufacturers in these fields. Servomotors are the answer.

A related but distinct need is the fourth market force described in the study: strict standards for energy consumption. In some cases, government regulations are pushing facilities to restrict their energy usage. In other cases, consumer demand, company responsibility goals, or cost may be the driving force. For these reasons and perhaps others as well, energy use reduction is increasingly important for manufacturers.

Servo motors are powerful, precise, and efficient. If you’re using Rexroth electric motion control, including servo motors, we can help you keep yours in trim.

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