The Servo Motor Market

servo motor market report

A new report on servo motor markets tells us that Asia is the strongest market going forward. Countries like India, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Japan continue to be central to global manufacturing, and they’re trying to ramp up their capacity and to increase automation.

North America and Europe are growing more slowly as markets for servo motors. Most of the anticipated growth in the next few years stems from the desire to upgrade to more efficient servos, or from less efficient types of motors to the highly efficient, low maintenance servo motors. The pressure for environmental sustainability is a big part of the equation here, but there is also a push for more automation in factories.

In the U.S., a couple of additional pressures are affecting decision making for servo motor purchases. First, reshoring continues to build, with an associated need to expand and upgrade manufacturing facilities in America. Second, uncertainty about the minimum wage is encouraging changes in U.S. businesses. While fast-food restaurants are beginning to raise prices in anticipation of the need to increase wages, manufacturing is working toward greater efficiency and productivity with an eye to replacing low-skill human workers with machinery.

The automotive industry continues to be the largest market for servo motors, but semiconductor and electronics companies are a rising market. Material handling, food processing, and healthcare are other areas of anticipated growth.

Rexroth is of course the preferred motion control supplier for the automotive industry, with a long history of involvement in this area. But Rexroth has provided the power and direction for everything from ballet to confectionery. Since Rexroth develops custom solutions as well as providing highly versatile motion control systems, Rexroth servo motors can be found in multiple market segments across the globe.

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