Third Party Repair Report

We’re specialists in Rexroth electric industrial motion control. We provide phone support, field support, and factory repair and reman. Normally, your motor comes back from the factory in like-new condition, or even better, with a new warranty.

Sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. The most common reason? Third party repairs.

A bad report

When we send a motor in for Rexroth factory repair, we receive a report on the condition of the motor. Here’s one we received recently:

Found: motor was repaired incorrectly by third party repair house. An attempt was made by the repair house to clean and bake oil out of the motor, but it was unsuccessful. Both oil and oil residue are still evident and present in motor.

Power connector area is fully contaminated with oil. Stator has oil residue and rotor is soaked and discolored from oil. Brake gap is set too small due to improper parts, discs are in contact during operation. No shaft pin found for feedback. Feedback is 10 years old on a repair dated 3 months ago. “o” ring for connector elbow is missing rendering the integrity of the motor housing zero.

Oil contamination and also incorrect repair from repair house constitutes this motor being scrap. Motor is not eligible for flat rate repair, quote for rebuild attached.

You don’t want a report like this on your motor.

How did this happen?

  • The company sent this motor to a third-party repair house. Since Rexroth doesn’t sell parts to third parties, that repair shop just used the wrong parts, or even left parts out altogether — note the missing “O” ring, for example.
  • Rexroth also doesn’t provide schematics and spec to third parties, because they want control over repairs. With this motor, improper parts were used and the brake gap is set too small, so the discs are actually in contact during operation. You can see why Rexroth doesn’t encourage third party repairs.
  • The repair shop tried to clean oil contamination from the motor, but they failed. We don’t know how bad the oil contamination was before the “repairs” but we know that it’s very bad now.

The results? The motor cannot be used and has to be scrapped.

That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to solve the problem. It just means that it’s a bigger problem, and needs rebuilding rather than simple repair. In other words, this company has already paid good money for bad repairs, and now will also be paying for good rebuilding. The total cost will be much higher than it would have been if the company had just gone for factory repair in the first place.

Pinching pennies doesn’t always save money. In this case, it’s costing the company money. Add on the downtime in the factory and you’re looking at some serious regrets.

Don’t set yourself up for regrets. Don’t use third party repair shops for your Rexroth motors. Call us in the first place.

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