Third Party Repair Risks

A third party repair for your Rexroth servos may seem like a good way to save a few bucks; however, we find that this is rarely the case. More often than not, a third party repair results in additional downtime and additional repair costs. An inadequate repair won’t correct the issue, and it can create new problems that must be fixed in the future. Simply put, third part repair isn’t worth the risk. Save time, money, and frustration and contact Rexroth professionals for a factory repair or REMAN.

Third party repair: big risk and little reward

Examining the risk-reward ratio is a useful tool for making business decisions and creating economic models, but you can apply it to any decision that you make in life. Is the rewarding taste of bacon for breakfast worth the risk that comes from the added cholesterol? Is arriving at work a few minutes early worth the risk of a speeding ticket? The risk-reward ratio simply looks at the potential for reward compared to the risk involved.

It’s possible for a third party to provide a good-quality repair that resolves the issue; this could save you a little money. But is that potential savings worth the risk?

The reward that comes from a third party Rexroth repair stops at a lower initial cost; a repair from a third party shop might come in a little under what a professional repair costs.

What about the risks that come with a third party Rexroth repair?

  • Inadequate repairs may lead to new problems within your machinery that require additional repairs.
  • A poor quality repair still needs to be fixed correctly.
  • Third party repairs take longer; the trial and error extends your downtime.
  • A low-quality repair compromises system performance.
  • Inadequate repairs compromise the integrity of your machinery, which puts your workers at risk for injury.

When you weigh the reward against the risk of a third party Rexroth repair, the decision is clear.

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A professional repair almost always costs less than the additional downtime that results from a third party repair shop taking a crack at fixing your servos. A factory repair performed by trained technicians at Bosch Rexroth is the fastest, most cost-effective, and most convenient option when you need a Rexroth repair.

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