It’s on the Internet so It Must Be True


We see some really amazing stuff from third party repair shops, and get some even wilder calls. We get calls about parts, which cannot be sold to third party repair shops. We get calls asking for technical information about the motors, which also cannot be released. These are pretty common. Third party repair shops naturally want to be able to get the parts and the technical information, and I guess you can’t blame them for trying.

Occasionally though, we get something truly amazing.

Today we got a call from a third party house — let’s call them Servostuff. Servostuff has a big website detailing how they repair all brands of servo motors, and has a complete page about Indramat servo motor repair. They detail all of the stuff that they are able to do to Indramat motors, including remagnetizing the motors (which Indramat doesn’t even try to do).

In fact, they have a six step process with many sub-steps, from evaluation of corrupted code to washing all the windings and rebuilding flanges to replacing all the screws to creating new nameplates.

Sounds spiffy, doesn’t it?

Imagine our surprise when they called us to see if we would repair Indramat motors for them. They said they try not to get involved with Indramat motors, but have a big client who wants the motors repaired.

So what does that tell us about their website, with meta keywords in the code saying that they are an “authorized Indramat repair shop” (that’s so 2003!)? All we can figure is that it’s fiction.

Some things never fail to amaze me.

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