Top 3 Rexroth Engineering Feats in the Movies


We’ve worked with Rexroth servomotors and servo drives for decades and know just how much better Rexroth equipment is than your average motion control equipment — but we may never have shared with you that Rexroth is also in the movies. This weekend when you’re looking for a great movie to watch, try one of these that features some Rexroth movie magic:

  • Master & Commander

If you want a realistic 19th century ship, you need to build the set big enough for actors to move around on the deck. But then it also needs to sway and toss in the ocean, just as a real ship would. Rexroth worked with producers to build a system of hydraulics to create life-like simulated motion to keep it as real as possible.

  • Titanic

Did you know that the Titanic movie set was 90% scale of the real thing? And that it actually sank? With the use of Rexroth technology, engineers made a replica, moved it, and then sank it over and over again for perfect scene for the movie. You can read a detailed account at Design News.

  • Jurassic Park

Robotics are astounding in Jurassic Park, from the full-size T-Rex that was a complete scene stealer to the raptors. Check out this video about how they made the gigantic T-Rex and how they used Rexroth technology to bring it to life.

While you’re probably not using Rexroth servomotors to make a boat move realistically, we know how to work with Rexroth servos in any application. If your servos break down and need repair, give us a call and we’ll get you back up and running.

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