Toyota’s Lunar Cruiser

Toyota is working on a new vehicle, but you won’t see it on your local streets. The Lunar Cruiser is designed to house two people safely on the surface of the moon (and maybe someday Mars as well) for up to two weeks.

Toyota is working with Japan’s space agency, JAXA, to create a safe and comfortable living and working environment reminiscent of an RV experience on earth. Based on Toyota’s Land Cruiser, the Lunar Criser will have a range of 6,200 miles and a robotic arm with changeable modules allowing it to perform different tasks.

The plan is to pressurize the cabin so that the crew can do without spacesuits.

Robot heritage

Toyota is the top selling auto manufacturer in the world, but it’s also a major player in robotics. They are transitioning from an auto maker to a “mobility company,” with a mission of “Supporting human life activities and living in harmony with people”.

Their website makes their position on automation clear. “Regardless of expansion in research fields,” they say, “we would keep ‘automation with a human touch’ which have been always cherished by our predecessors of Toyota as the most important elements in technologies, which means the system such as robotics or AI should not replace the human, but always cherish “the sense of agency” of human. We hope to support realizing our customers’ ‘well-being’ life through developing human-centered system.”

Rexroth in space

We’re Rexroth specialists, so the news about Toyota and JAXA made us think of Rexroth and NASA. Motion control is key to successful automation, and companies like Toyota and Rexroth are instrumental in advancing automation in space as well as on earth.

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