Trusting Machines

There are mixed feelings about robots, automation, and machines. Some people are really excited about the advantages and potential of automation. Others worry about the affect that automation will have on employment and society. There’s been a human vs. machine narrative as far back as the first Industrial Revolution, but we’re at the point where automation is integrated in our work as well as our daily lives. Are we finally getting to a place of trusting machines?

Working with robots

People are getting more comfortable with technology in the work place. There isn’t really much of an alternative, though. The benefits of automation, robots, and artificial intelligence are far too valuable for businesses to not make use of these technologies. As the technology improves, the number of companies implementing these technologies rises.

But how do people feel about automation in the workplace?

According to a study from Oracle and Future Workplace, 64 percent of workers would trust a robot over their manager.

The study also found that 82% of people think robots can perform tasks better than human managers. Survey participants said that machines have the edge in providing unbiased information, maintaining work schedules, problem solving, and managing a budget.

People aren’t quite ready to hand the reins over to machines, however. Workers said that human managers are better than machines at understanding feelings, coaching workers, and creating a work culture.

If you can’t beat them join them.

While some people will continue worrying about a dystopian future where machines rule the world, there’s no point in fearing or distrusting machines. We should stop viewing machines as scary. Automation, robots, and AI are already essential to modern manufacturing and many other industries.

We’re not going to suddenly stop using machines, and we should focus on the best way to use robots to improve the work that people do.

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