U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance

spring2Manufacturing in the United States has been on the upswing for a while now, and has rebounded from the difficult winter, now that spring has come.

The winter was difficult for a lot of manufacturers, though the Federal Reserve Board reports steady growth for manufacturers across the nation. Consumer confidence continued to be shaky in spite of strong economic indicators and winter storms affected much of the country.

Even so, manufacturing as a sector grew ahead of the economy as a whole during the winter, and is now perking up.

The National Association of Manufacturers has a list of what’s needed to keep the momentum going:

  • Improving the long-term fiscal health of the nation to reduce uncertainty
  • Reforming the tax system to encourage investment
  • Increasing manufacturers’ input into regulatory decisions
  • Increasing opportunities for exports
  • Closing the skills gap and ensuring the U.S. workforce has the needed skills.

Would you agree?

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