Ultimate Mobility Vehicles

When Hyundai bought Boston Dynamics, there was plenty of speculation about how Hyundai would use the robots. We saw them working on replacements for Mars rovers, but wondered what on earth they were going to do with Spot on Earth. Now we know: they’re part of a new line of ultimate mobility vehicles.

The vehicles can roll on wheels and walk on robotic legs, giving them a new level of flexibility. The idea is that they will be able to handle uneven terrain in rescue situations, provide new options for people with disabilities, and even — as exoskeletons — create mobility for paraplegics.

Behold the Hyundai Elevate.

Ultimate Mobility Vehicles

Forget the SUV — we’re ready for the UMV.

The legs were inspired by grasshoppers, but the vehicle can walk and climb in mammalian and reptile styles. It can even climb straight up a wall. First responders will find that their jobs are revolutionized by these vehicles.

At least in theory.

Elevate debuted at CES 2019, but isn’t available yet or expected to be available anytime soon. Hyundai plans to begin with a version that carries freight before moving on to something capable of carrying passengers.

At present, a scale model working prototype is as far as Elevate has gotten.

Will it happen?

A lot of robotics research gets to the scale model or prototype and hangs out there for years. We won’t know for some time whether Elevate has a future in the real world or not.

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