Unauthorized Repairs for Rexroth


Bosch Rexroth has a clear position on repairs of their components by third party repair houses. In fact, they describe it as a “global policy”:

Bosch Rexroth has a global policy that grants authority for repairs and installation of replacement parts solely to Rexroth personnel, and therefore does not sell components nor authorize third parties to repair our products.

There are good reasons for this position. First, factory repair allows Rexroth to maintain quality control for their products. They can’t oversee third party repair services and thus ensure that the components going back to their customers have the reliability and service life their customers expect. Adding such a service would be uneconomical for Bosch Rexroth and for the customers as well.

Collecting repair data also allows them to improve their products and to provide better support than they could if they did not have that information.

Beyond that, Bosch Rexroth wants to be sure that only original parts and specs are used in repairs. By deciding not to sell any replacement parts, they ensure that no one can claim they’re using factory-supplied parts when they’re not.

Quality control

Because of these unquestionable quality control issues, Bosch Rexroth also takes a clear position on the consequences of going with a third-party repair service. Your warranty will be revoked and Bosch Rexroth assumes no further responsibility for the performance of the units. They will have no legal liability for any failure, nor for any consequences of such a failure.

This is not a problem. You can call us. We will facilitate factory repair for you and make sure that you receive emergency replacement units while the repairs are being made. Resist the temptation to choose an eBay replacement or a repair company that claims they’ll fix your servo in their shop — even though you know they can’t get original parts.

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