Reman Can Be Better than New

Reman, or remanufacturing, is one of your options when you’ve got a faulty servo motor, drive, or controller. Is it your best option? Certainly, reman can save you money. But you might be surprised to hear that reman can be better than new.

Legacy parts

With legacy parts, you don’t have the option of buying new. Rexroth supports many of their legacy parts, and many of them are still in service.

You can upgrade to a newer version of most Rexroth legacy components. If this is your preference, we can help. But sometimes upgrading means you’ll have a part with a different footprint, which may or may not work with your current configuration. There may also be differences that will affect the other components you’re using.

The price of an upgrade may be acceptable. But when you start considering other changes that must be made along the line, a reman might be a better deal.

Since we have emergency replacement units in stock, you’re not looking at added downtime. You can use our remanufactured unit while yours is undergoing factory repair or reman, or you can just keep the unit we send you and be done with it.

Technology updates

For legacy units or currently stocked components, there’s an advantage to remans that you might not have thought of.

Rexroth reman involves replacing all the wearing parts. Often, there have been improvements in those parts since you put your Rexroth motion control system into service five or ten or twenty years ago. You’ll get the new parts, with their improved performance, no matter how old your module is.

In many cases, you’re not just getting a repair– you’re getting an upgrade without the problems of buying a newer unit.

We can help you determine the best option for you, your facility, and your specific Rexroth unit. We’re specialists in Rexroth electric motion control, from the oldest legacy parts to the latest components. Call (479) 422-0390.

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