Rexroth F9003 Error

Your Rexroth electric motion control system can throw plenty of error messages. Perhaps one of the most frustrating is F9003: the watchdog error.

A watchdog timer is designed to alert you to software or firmware issues. The program will normally reset the watchdog timer regularly. For Rexroth, that timer is set in milliseconds, so the watchdog timer is reset many times each second as long as the firmware is functioning correctly. If the program doesn’t get around to resetting the watchdog timer, it will go off.

Remember the classic parent trick of setting an alarm for a kid’s curfew? The parents set an alarm for 11:00 p.m. and turn in early. If the kid doesn’t come home and disable the alarm, the alarm will go off, waking the parents. The parents will then know that the kid missed that curfew.

That’s how the Rexroth F9003 error works. If it shows up, then there’s an issue with the firmware. For the safety of your drive, the drive is turned off so there won’t be any damage.

What’s the issue with the firmware?

There’s a general firmware error, and the firmware has turned off your drive because of that error. The F9003 error code tells you that, but it doesn’t tell you what the problem is exactly.

The suggested solution is just to replace your drive.

If you need to do that, we can help. Instead of a new drive, we can provide factory repair or reman. Your drive comes back to you good as new with a new warranty.

We also have the largest selection of emergency replacement components in the country.

Phone and field service

But you might not need to replace your drive. Give us a call when you see a watchdog error. We can usually diagnose your problem over the phone. We also offer field service. Rexroth components are not designed to be repaired on the machine. However, if there is a way to fix your problem without replacing the unit, we will find it.

If you need to replace the unit, we still have you covered. Call us for immediate assistance.

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